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Art for The Holidays! Dec. 5-6, 2015

"The Yellow Couch" (Reclining Women series, acrylic, 9x12")

Greetings friends and family,

Happy December!  As we prepare for the Holiday Season,  gift giving is one way to spread joy, and giving local original art is a lovely choice!
I have been eagerly preparing for four group art shows that I want to tell you about -- four community events to share my art with you.  If you have questions about anything, please ask!

 -- Unison Arts' 25th Annual Holiday Crafts Fair December 5-6, 10am-5pm.  This show features  gallery-quality handcrafted gift items: ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, wreaths, blown glass, photographs, and of course colorful paintings -- and much more, at affordable prices. This is a great opportunity to take care of your holiday gift list!   For more information, including a list of exhibitors, visit
At my display, there are oil and acrylic paintings of women, pets, landscapes, and flowers;  archival prints;  childrens' book;  greeting and holiday cards - some with fun new images!

"Cloud Shadows" (acrylic, 5x7")


If you are not local, I am happy to ship to you or your gift recipients for the holidays!

                                                        "Swirls" (acrylic, 7x5")
Please view the postcard below for more details and a $.50 discount on admission!

-- LongReach Arts 2 at LGBTQ, Reception Saturday December 5, 4-6pm.  Details below that include an Artist Panel Discussion. (Since I will be at the Unison Fair until 5,  I will try to attend the last half hour of this reception.  However, I will not be able to attend the panel discussion.)  My painting "Sisters" (oil, 24x20") is shown below and on the card and is one of the paintings included in the show.


-- The Honored Animal: The Honeybee, at The Storefront Gallery, 93 Broadway, Kingston.  Opening Reception Saturday December 5, 5-8pm.  (I will be at this reception after 6.)  This show is part of Kingston's  Sinterclaus event, which annually chooses a different Honored Animal.  For more information, visit

"Royal Bee" (acrylic, 8x10")

-- Unison Arts Holiday Art Showcase, 68 Mountain Rest Road, New PaltzOpening Reception Dec. 13, 4-6pm.   Runs till Jan. 3rd. It is new  this year, for Unison Craft Show artists to show in the Unison Gallery after the Fair.  "Bouquet in an Antique Pitcher" is one of the paintings that will be in this show.

"Bouquet in an Antique Pitcher" (oil, 20x24")

and then there are always ---
-- Portrait Commissions: I  always enjoy creating lively interpretations of special people, pets and objects in my clients lives, commissioned by them.  Here is a recent one called "The King Family Celebration on Hummel Road."   One family member has a birthday on July 4, so the Kings enjoy get-togethers on that day for a double celebration!

"The King Family Celebration on Hummel Road" (oil, 20x24)

Thanks, and best wishes for a lovely holiday season!

Warmest Regards,

Gardiner Open Studio Tour – October 5, 2015

"Nancy's Garden, Mt. St. Hilaire" (9x12")

Greetings Friends and Family,

October is a great time for art!

I am back in the studio now after this past weekends' Rhinebeck Arts Festival.  Thanks to those of you who visited with me at my booth, purchased art, discussed commissions, and signed to receive my newsletter.  I am glad to stay connected!

This upcoming Columbus Day weekend will be another special  event that I am excited to invite you to: the Gardiner Open Studio Tour (GOST).  Please join us and visit with us in our studios!

Saturday October 10, Sunday October 11: 10-5.
Monday October 12, 10-4.

Participating artists create paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, glassware, fiber art, clocks.

-- MAPS can be picked up at these Gardiner locations:  D.M. Weil Gallery, Mountain Brauhaus, Tuthilltown Spirits, Village Market, Cafe Mio, Ulster Savings Bank, The Natural Pet Center, and Kiss My Face.
-- Maps in New Paltz are at: Empire State Bank, Robibero Winery, and Jenkins-Leuken Orchards.
-- OR Download a map and guide at our GOST website:

"Woman  with Guitar on Purple" (9x12")  (Another in my "Reclining Woman" series -- a good idea, right?)

"Cat with Bouquet" (20x24") (They always want to be noticed!)

Thanks, and hope to see you soon!


New Work at an Awesome Art Festival – September 27, 2015

"Woman with Guitar on Red", 20x24"

Greetings Family and Friends,

This summer when I was in Canada's Richelieu River Valley region participating in the artist residency workshops, I enjoyed creating work in fresh ways to me.  This includes using acrylic paint and modeling paste to build up surfaces for added texture (see "Woman with Guitar on Red" above), and painting the local  landscape as seen in the two paintings below, "On the Richelieu River", 9x12" (left) and "Church near Mt. St. Hilaire", 9x12" (right).

These and many more oil and acrylic paintings, prints, greeting cards, children's book and children's music cd's will be at my booth this Friday October 2, Saturday October 3, and  Sunday October 4, at the Rhinebeck Arts Festival.


Information is below for this fabulous show.

Also enjoy a $1. discount!  
This link will bring you to the Artrider website page and you will see the Discount Admission Coupon link there.!rhinebeck-arts-festival-2015/cjaw
Come, enjoy, and support Hudson Valley Art! 🙂

Gardiner Block Party! – September 17, 2015

Friends with my "Woman and Patterns" Door

Greetings Friends and Family,

Remember this spring when those mysterious, exciting doors were installed around Gardiner and New Paltz?  Then it was revealed that they were each uniquely created by the artists of the Gardiner Open Studio Tour (GOST).  Well, the tour is once again coming on Columbus Day Weekend, and to get ready, GOST and the Village of Gardiner are hosting a Block Party, where you can bid on and win your favorite GOST Artist door!  There will also be fabulous drinks, live music and fun activities.  Please join us!

While you are in Gardiner, check out all three murals painted by  Lady Pink, Annie O'Neil, and me.

Both sides of my "Woman and Patterns" door, which was great fun to paint!  I love making turquoise hair and squiggly patterns.


Thanks, and hope to see you soon!


Fun Stuff – September 15, 2015

Mural based on "Appetizers"

Greetings Friends and Family!

This upcoming Columbus Day Weekend the Gardiner Open Studio Tour will occur (more about this in a later newsletter).  In order to warm up for it, I had the opportunity to paint a mural on a shed on Main Street in Gardiner, assisted by well known street artist and muralist Lady Pink, a fellow GOSTer.  The image was adapted from my painting "Appetizers", and shows a couple celebrating a special occasion surrounded by their dogs, cats, and a bird. The shed owners Anne Marie and her daughter Winter are very pleased. It is great that local art has a prominent place in Gardiner!  Stop by to see it when you are there. 🙂


In mid August several artists and I from NY, NJ, French Canada, Spain and Greece had a wonderful cultural exchange during an artist residency in Beleoil, Canada.  We had a lovely opening reception for our show at a la Maison de Culture Villebon, visited Montreal, Quebec City, and other historical sites, participated in artist workshops and painted plein air. Because of this experience I enjoyed creating some  landscapes, as well as mixed media acrylic paintings which have inspired me for more. To see additional photos of the residency, please visit

   L-R: Aspasia Melis (Greece, USA), Stacie Flint (NY, USA); Nancy Galianos (French Canada); Maria Angeles Hegglin (Spain< USA)


It was really fun to receive this photo from my friends Rich and Siv sitting in a favorite spot at home in Stockholm, Sweden, with my painting "Chrylser Building".

Thanks, and enjoy these days of summer as they turn into autumn!


Local and International – Aug 5, 2015

"Release" (20x24)

I just love these warm colorful days!

Just wanted to share with you some art news from my studio and from hundreds of miles away.

Studio News:
My recent series of autobiographical and intuitive works focuses on personal family objects and stories, and has brought me to the pieces I call "Vibrancy" and "Release".  (not professionally photographed - they are not so pink)

"Vibrancy" (9x12)

As usual, the family objects called to me and a painting developed from there.

Commonly, my approach has been to create a composition of an imagined interior in which to include the subject.  With "Vibrancy" and "Release" my process was different.

I enjoyed the beautiful cobalt vase on my kitchen table, which held  a flower arrangement of lively energy extending upward.  I was drawn to paint my interpretation of it, as usual, but  I found myself not creating a composition.  Instead I painted the vibrant energy subject directly,  and the rest of the area wanted to be undefined - non-objective.  This was the painting "Vibrancy".

I felt enriched by that arrangement on my kitchen table for awhile, and then I watched as the flowers slowly wilted and died.  I kept it like that for a time, being open to this new possibility.  Then I brought the dead arrangement in the family vase to my studio to paint: an observed subject in an undefined energy field.  In this painting - "Release" - something is complete, energy is released; open to something else.  Something! 🙂

International News:

It is exciting to be participating in an artist residency along the banks of the charming Richelieu River in Beleoil, Canada.  Located between Montreal and Quebec, during this cultural exchange we will visit these cities, local artist studios, exhibit our work, and attend artist workshops. It will be wonderful.

Back in my studio, I always enjoy creating lively interpretations of special people, pets and objects in my clients lives, commissioned by them.  Here are a few recent ones:

"Maya and the Boys"   (9x12)


"Sara, Biz, and Buddy" (8x10)
"Anne and Bailey's Great Elephant Adventure" (9x12)

Thanks, and best wishes for a lovely summer!


Open Studio This Weekend – April 29, 2015

"Cat with Bouquet" 20x24

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to my open studio this weekend, along with 19 other fabulous artists, for the Gardiner Open Studio Tour.  It will take place on Saturday May 2, and Sunday May 3, 10am -5pm.

Within the past two weeks, you may have enjoyed seeing the painted doors installed along the roadsides in New Paltz and Gardiner.  This was a fun project for us and our introduction to you to come to the tour!

For more about the doors and other GOST news, check out

GOST artist doors

Front of "Woman with Patterns Door"

Above: Passers- by taking a selfie with my door, installed outside of La Stazione in New Paltz! 🙂


"Blue and Yellow Flowers"  24x20
I have been busy painting some new works, focusing on relationship and flowers, each full of personality and life. I look forward to sharing them with you.

"Bouquet in an Antique Vase" 20x24

To download a tour map, click on the image.


Looking forward!  If you have questions, please contact me at, or 914-475-0113.


The Expressionist Art of Stacie Flint, or:

But Wait!  No One is Screaming!

A woman walks with her dog along an orange and yellow path, their shapes united by a turquoise shadow. A canopy of multicolored trees curves, arm-like, overhead, while interesting and benign creatures frolic in and out a dream-like space. A paean to color and light, “Canopy” is the work of artist Stacie Flint, whose one-person show, “A Show of Color,” is on exhibit at Art Society of Kingston (ASK) until September 29.

CanopyWith flowing compositional lines and boundary-free colors, Flint’s paintings are reminiscent of the expressionist tradition of the past century: visually, “Canopy” recalls Munch’s “The Scream,” only in reverse--as if the owner of the archetypal screaming head had worked through her/his agony with the help of a good, no-nonsense therapist (or several) and found, at last, a hard-won peace. Other works on display are unabashedly non-abstract, depicting people and pets at play or at rest in settings created with pure, out-of-the-tube color. Characters, surrounded by their favorite things, invite the viewer to step into their world. Moreover, “Canopy,” like its riotous companions blazing off the gallery walls, lacks any reference to those horsemen of the modern apocalypse—malaise, anomie, irony, and meaninglessness. There are no screaming heads or empty spaces in Flint’s universe.

At first glance, Flint’s works appear determinedly happy, as if such a state were worthy of expression outside a greeting card factory; the overall impression is one of love and respect for daily life viewed in casual moments. And, because they depict recognizable forms, they invite a “gut” interpretation, rather than the labored, cerebral search for an underlying concept that today’s viewer must undertake (or appear to undertake) when faced with a work of abstraction with no accompanying textual explanation. Flint’s work, on the other hand, shows a refreshing indifference to the modernist’s objection to representation, being rich in implied narratives that resonate with a viewer’s personal experience. These images invite scrutiny and are rewarding because they link us, in an engaging and often humorous manner, to aspects of life we all recognize.

Our-Happy-HomeWithout question, Flint’s art occupies its own conceptual corner. One must look more than once to grasp the depth of feeling underlying these deceptively simple works of art. A case in point is a triad of paintings of Flint and her family: painting #1, “Our Happy Home,” shows the artist, her husband, and two young sons gathered on a sofa in a closely furnished living room, surrounded by their pets and some favorite things. The two boys are small; the mother, kneeling on the sofa, occupies the highest position among the four, referring to the artist’s perceived importance especially to the children. Composition lines are jumpy and unsettled; a framed picture hanging behind them depicts a haunted house with a witch and a devil- monster in attendance, referring to the relationship energy of the spouses. A candle-lit wall sconce, next to the artist’s head, signifies a higher inspiration. Painting #2, “Our Happy Home Revisited,” shows again the same setting with the artist, her husband, and the now teenaged boys, along with pets and familiar objects. The boys tower over their seated mother, referring to the artist’s humorously perceived importance to the kids. Composition lines are less jumpy. The framed picture with the haunted house is still there, but now is smaller and has less power than in #1. Painting #3, “My Family Portrait 2011”, shows the family as four adults, all the same size, relaxing together on the sofa, and focuses on just the figures. The framed picture of the haunted house appears as a small sliver in painting #2, visible, but devoid of power.

Our-Happy-Home-RevisitedOne sees in these portraits a visual record of a particular family’s life stages—one that implies hope and the possibility of gaining a measure of hard-won but true happiness—a theme restated in other ways in the balance of work on display. Such happiness, in Flint’s created world, has weight—as much gravitas as, say, depression, anxiety, or despair. It is seen and felt by the artist as a positive force rather than the mere absence of misery. In Flint’s own words, her paintings represent “a physical actualization of the relationship between my life’s everyday points-of-view with life’s larger creational energy and joy.”

My-Family-Portrait-2011Is Flint’s work worthy of consideration as serious art? Indeed, can any work of art be deemed serious if it deals directly and unashamedly with such “lightweight” subjects as peace, joy, or common contentment? Mainstream art critics tend to think not, expressing this view by ignoring the output of artists whose works embody positive values. One has only to reflect on the horrors of the present and past centuries to understand this strand of criticism. Nonetheless, the demand for novelty persists, even as novelty in art becomes increasingly hard to come by. Perhaps there is an end in sight. Perhaps, in this context, Flint’s descriptive, colorful, and value-rich work can be considered the epitome of novelty, standing on the very cutting edge of post-modern art—in short, concrete expressionism.

Wilda Gallagher, September 2012

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A Show for the Tour- April 8, 2015

"Tree Love" (20x24")

Dear Friends,

Spring is here.  To help celebrate, the Gardiner Open Studio Tour  painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramicists and a clock maker will exhibit our work at the lovely Gardiner Library.

I will be at the opening reception, Sunday, April 12, from 5-7 pm.  The exhibit will warm you up for the  Gardiner Open Studio Tour that follows on May 2 and 3. Visit the GOST website to learn more about us and the art we make.

Looking forward!






Montreal and Spring! – March 24, 2015

"Flowers with Birds and Bell" (24x20")

Dear Friends,

I am excited to be welcoming the beginning of Spring (yes it's coming!) with my participation in an exhibit in Old Montreal, Canada, titled Spring into Art.  .  Besides myself, this show will  include a French Canadian artist, and an artist originally from Spain and living in New York.  If anyone is in the area, please come to the reception!I will have eleven paintings in the show, Flowers, New York City themed paintings, and some from my Women series.

                                                          Spring into Art. 

Verses Restaurant is pleased to invite you to the
Opening Reception
Thursday April 2nd  from 5 – 7 pm
The exhibition will be from March 31st- May 16th, 2015
In the Atrium of the Restaurant Verses
100, St-Paul Street West
Old Montreal, Quebec Canada H2Y 1Z3
Invited Artists:
Stacie Flint, United States
Nancy Stella Galianos, Quebec
Maria Angeles Hegglin, United States
For more information: 514-707-2564








Tea at The Plaza


No Dogs Allowed