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The following interview appeared in HV BIZ, week of July 26, 2010

How would you describe your art?
“My paintings reflect my life, which is a colorful, direct, playful narrative of ordinary daily moments, inspired by the fast paced suburban lifestyle. In these vibrant expressionist oils, people, pets and things from my imagination appear isolated, but interact within a bold composition. Even if the figures sit quietly, they vibrate with energy. The paintings evoke a feeling that it is good to be alive. In addition to my personal work, I paint private and public commissions.”

How long have you been an artist?
“From early childhood I knew I was an artist.”

Was there a moment when you saw art as a true calling?
“Although I have made art my whole life, it has been well into my adulthood that I have gotten to know and appreciate my unique self enough to embrace it and call my calling ‘true.’”

Do you have advice for amateur painters?
“Find what feels good for you and keep following it no matter what. Learn from others, but keep looking ahead to the next idea, and the next, which is the way you stay in the creative flow. Utilize constructive judgment within the process, never making it destructive (personal). Your work is your voice, unique and valuable unconditionally.”

Does your art symbolically speak to larger issues?
“Individuality and self-belief.”

What does the future hold for your work?
“I’m still finding that out, but I feel that I will love it.”

Are you associated or affiliated with any art groups or galleries you would tout? Any upcoming events?
“Memberships: Dutchess County Arts Council; Mill Street Loft; Barrett Art Center; Long Reach Arts Artist Cooperative; Unison Arts; Women’s Studio Workshop; Arts Society of Kingston; Donskoj & Co. Gallery, Kingston.

“Summer Events: through July 30, ”Summer Break,” Pritzker Gallery, 257 S. Riverside Road, Highland. Through Sept. 5, Dutchess County Arts Council: Art in the loft at the Millbrook Winery, 26 Wing Road, Millbrook. Through September: HITS (Horses in the Sun)-on-the-Hudson exhibition and auction, curated by Tom Fletcher of Tom Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock. Rotating exhibit throughout Saugerties; August exhibit at Fletcher Gallery, 40 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock; reception Aug. 7. Auction Sept. 10.”

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