Stacie Flint Portrait-54_72dpi

Hi.  I am Stacie Flint.  Glad you could join me today.

I paint in oil or acrylic on canvas.


My Intention

My primary interest is in the creative process itself, which I feel is alive in everyone in the form of unconditional love. For me, it is a living experience of Love Through Art.  With my painting, I aspire to contribute to what makes people feel really good about being alive.


My Painting Process
What is most notable about my work is color and energy.   I want to experience what the  creative flow is asking to invent at the moment I put the brush to the canvas. I use accessible imagery, but the energy and the way it shows up is unique to me, like a signature. The creative process is alive; it is a living experience. It creates an inner space that relates in life. I love this.

My painting process is inspired by a simple, imperfectly beautiful subject, such as my interior or landscape surroundings, and living things such as people and pets. I may also be drawn to a photograph from a book, magazine, or the internet, with which to re-interpret.   Next, I mindfully construct a pencil composition from paper to canvas. Then, paint is used to allow an unfolding of image and mark making that is right for me. I am lost, secure in the present moment, and happy.

It is childhood play, where there is immediate response to the inner guidance of intuition as the paintings reveal themselves to me. As an adult, I may stop and consider. Then I am off again, letting my attractions emerge and my response to them.   Painting is its own, non-verbal language in which I am communicating.


Art Influences
From past painters, my art embraces Expressionism’s sense of freedom, the brilliant color of the Fauves, and Pop’s animation. Favorite painters include Vincent Van Gogh, Ludwig Kirchner, Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, David Hockney, Alice Neel, Keith Haring, and Cy Twombley.


I Paint in Themes
Over the years, I have painted on canvases from small to large, in themes inspired by periods of my life and relationships, interests, and exhibits. Themes include Women, Couples, Groups, New York City, Southwest, Pets, Flowers, Landscape, House and Garden, Reclining Women, the Mother Series, Energy.


I also use my colorful style to paint commissioned portraits for my clients of their wonderful family life and/or cherished pets. In addition, commissions may include special objects, inspired landscape, beloved home, and personal memories.


A Little Background
Originally from Long Island, I studied art at the State University of New York at New Paltz. I fell in love with the area and made the Mid Hudson Valley my home. I have a husband and two grown sons, and have had a variety of cats and dogs. They turn up as figures in some of my paintings! Part of a family of artists, my grandfather was an illustrator and art director, my mother-in-law was a German Expressionist painter, and my brother and both my sons are musicians.


Cooperative Membership
I am a member of the longest running Hudson Valley mobile coop, Long Reach Arts.


Flint’s paintings and portraits are owned nationally and internationally. She has exhibited extensively throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley, New York City, and beyond. Her art has been featured on numerous magazine covers including Chronogram, The Valley Table, The Ulster County Community Guide, HITS Program Guide and The Van Wyck Gazette and has appeared in various issues of The New York Times, Hudson Valley Magazine, Poughkeepsie Journal, New Paltz Times and other publications. Her commissioned public art is on permanent display at Ulster County Area Transit in Kingston. Flint illustrated a children’s book Ten Pigs Fiddling by Ron Atlas (2005 Amberwood Press), and created work for music CD covers by Grenadilla and Betty and the Baby Boomers.


Photo credits: Nancy Donskoj