Portraits & Commissions

Portraits & Commissions

353. Self Portrait in My World, acrylic, 24x20. 16.jpg
Stacie Flint, Self Portrait in My World

About my Portrait Commissions
I love to paint for you, my client, a colorful, lyrical interpretation of your life that includes the special people, pets and objects in it. You provide me with reference photographs and I create a vibrant, unique piece of art with a softly off-beat likeness of you and your loved ones, in a real or imagined setting. Each painting is full of life -- your life and what you love.

Please browse through my portrait gallery to see examples of works that were great fun to create. Highlighted relationships include families, couples, grandchildren, and pets.

How my process of Commission works
The process begins with our conversation. I develop a paper sketch from your ideas of what you want in the painting. I can ask you questions to help you visualize if you are not sure. Next I do a sketch on the canvas from which I create the painting. After your final approval I have it professionally photographed. After about a week of drying time it is ready to hang in your home! The process takes about three to four weeks, and communication can occur through e-mail, phone conversations, or in person.

My fees correspond to canvas size. Smaller sizes allow less number of figures, which means people, pets and objects.

 8"x10"-- $200. (two or three figures)
 9"x12"-- $300. and 11"x14"-- $400. (three or four figures)
16"x20"-- $600. (four to five figures)
20"x24"-- $800.; 24"x30"-- $1000.; 30"x36"-- $1400. (these three sizes may have five or more figures.)

A payment plan is easy to set up.

This will be fun!

For more information please call me at 845-255-2505, 914-475-0113, or email. Then, let's get started!


4' x 4' Leaf Sculpture - Public Commission

Abilities First, Poughkeepsie, NY, Leaf A Legacy Project, 4'x4' molded leaf, painted with historic Hyde Park motif, sponsored by and located outside of Molloy Pharmacy, Hyde Park, NY. Read more...

Ulster County Area Transit - Public Commission

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