Imaginings by Stacie Flint

“You magically use a riot of color and swirling motion to create a sense of total peace."

- Debbie Dolan Nevins, Westport, CT

"I decided I would really love to LIVE inside one of your paintings!
Lovely as always..."

- Maryann Bonito, Hyde Park, NY

"There's nothing like the eye-popping colors of Stacie Flint's naif paintings
to liven up a dark nook in someone's home."

- Frances Marion Platt, Almanac Weekly, Kingston, NY

"Highlights (of the exhibit) are...Stacie Flint's playful paintings of disheveled domestic scenes, infused with the mad, off-kilter energy of a Dr. Suess illustration..."

- Lynn Woods, Kingston Times, Kingston, NY

"I just love your paintings!  I feel like I know everybody and all of the
animals in each painting.  They are so full of heart, expression, and joy."

- Janette Biel, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

“The positive nature of your art mixed with your unique style is a winning combination.”

George Lane Nitti, Warwick Valley Living Magazine, Warwick, NY

“Your work is REALLY wonderful -- so original!"

Shelley Parriott,  Woodstock, NY

"You are an educated outsider artist."

- Arlene Becker,  Rhinebeck, NY