Barclay Street School, NYC, and Phantom Designs

are proud to announce a revolving exhibit by contemporary artist Stacie Flint. These works with family oriented themes and vivid colors were chosen to stimulate the children and interest their families.

Below are the paintings and giclée prints that are on dispay at the Barclay Street School. Please contact Stacie for information and prices.

If these images inspire thoughts of a personal family portrait, consider having Stacie create an original painting for you. Imagine parents, children, relatives, or pets, combined with your favorite clothing, personal objects, or other fun stuff from your daily life or memories, in the setting of your choice. Stacie uses your own photos as a guide to create your original portrait. To see other commission paintings by Stacie, go to the Commissions page.

December, 20"x24"
Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs, 24"x30"
Dog Walk
Dog Walk, 24"x36"
Fluff, 24"x30"
Frigidaire, framed giclée print, 13"x16"
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake, framed giclée print, 14"x17"
Duncan Hines and Panasonic
Duncan Hines and Panasonic, 30"x24"

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