A Vibrant Life

Dear Friends,

I am excited to show you 4 oil paintings selected from about 35 that will be exhibited in a solo show of my work, titled appropriately A Vibrant Life. My art is a personal reflection of my daily life, honest, easy to relate to and to love. It is expressed through a vibrant spirit of color, pattern, and sense of freedom. Through my process I have been inspired to create works that highlight quirky imperfection as well as harmony, my current focus. Gathered together it has a strong and pleasing emotional impact. The show will include a variety of works of invention and reference, such as my family portraits. Perhaps they will inspire you to commission one for yourself!

No Dogs Allowed
Table with Roses
Tea with Mother

Top left: No Dogs Allowed (30"24"); Top right: Table with Roses;
Bottom left: Tea with Mother (30"x40"); Bottom right: Looking (8"x10")

Vibrant Life postcard

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